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    There is nothing worse than getting stuck out in traffic downtown with an empty tank of gas. The car sputters to a stop and you have to deal with the awkward situation of trying to push your car out of traffic on Main St, Broadway or Mamaroneck Ave. It’s an embarrassing situation to be sure, but one that can be remedied fairly quickly with a quick call to our emergency towing company. Luckily, chances are good that if you just have no gas, tow recovery service from White Plains Tow Truck can help you get back on the road again

    Who to Call to Deliver Emergency Gas for Your Car in White Plains

    In some situations, car owners make the walk with a gas can in hand to the nearest gas station only to find when they come back that it wasn’t gas they needed at all. These moments can be devastating, since you now have a broken down car with no way of knowing how to deal with the situation. A competent emergency towing company with a skilled mechanic can help you quickly diagnose the problem on the side of the road. If it’s an issue that can be corrected right then and there, your competent mechanic from White Plains Tow Truck will deliver gas and get your car fixed up and on the road again. Otherwise, our emergency towing service can bring your car into the shop for repairs.

    Usually, the situation occurs something like this. The car owner panics and has a need for emergency gas. They attempt to go to the nearest gas station, and end up discovering it’s further away than necessary. In the trek to the station, they leave their lights on and now not only do they still need fuel and tow recovery assistance, they also need someone to give them a jump because their car battery just died. What could have been resolved in short order with a quick call to a high quality emergency towing company like White Plains Tow Truck has now turned into a multi-point issue that requires the help of an honest professional.

    When you find yourself on the side of the road without gas, safety should be your first concern. Our elite emergency towing company can send a tow truck to your car, so you don’t have to risk walking down the side of the road trying to get gas for your car. If you end up needing local towing, we can get you set up and most importantly keep you safe while White Plains Tow Truck tows your car to safety. Don’t make an awkward situation and worse than it has to be, at the first sign of trouble call us for immediate assistance for a towing services quote.