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  • Flat Tire

    How to Get Road Service in White Plains for a Flat Tire Fix Getting flat tire assistance with a reputable auto towing company is often the best [...]

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  • How to Get Road Service in White Plains for a Flat Tire Fix

    Getting flat tire assistance with a reputable auto towing company is often the best thing to do for safety reasons if a person isn’t sure how to fix a flat tire or isn’t sure about the health of the spare tire being used. A tow truck driver from White Plains Tow Truck can be contacted around the clock when any car emergency occurs. Local towing and city wide towing requests are often necessary to assist distressed motors when an emergency tow is needed or if a skilled mechanic is needed to fix the flat tire.

    It’s happened to us all. One moment, you’re cruising along, taking in the sunlight. And then, all a sudden, you hear a boom like a gunshot, the car starts to shake like a rattlesnake, and your heart skips two beats. By the time you find yourself stranded on the shoulder, you have it figured out: Your tire blew out.

    The Road is a Recipe for Trouble

    Maybe you haven’t suffered from a tire blowout. Maybe you need a tow truck because you’re stuck downtown and your car won’t start. Or get you off the road if you’re stranded — call us at White Plains Tow Truck right now for assistance.

    Questions for people with a flat tire

    • Can they see you if you pull your car over here?
    • Should you pull over abruptly?
    • Is your spare tire in good condition?

    These are some of the many thoughts entering a person’s mind when they realize that their vehicle’s tire has gone flat. Here are some of the most common mistakes a person can experience when preparing to fix a flat in busy downtown areas or places like Mamaroneck Ave, Main St and Broadway.

    Signaling to pull off the road isn’t enough of an alert. You should always use your emergency flashers as you prepare to slow and get your car off the road to convey to other drivers that you are having car problems and are in need of emergency tire repair. Slowing down should be a gradual thing. You should be assessing the safety and visibility of the area as you begin to gradually slow down to that ideal spot.

    Consider the ground’s surface. The ground should really be flat and level because it is more suitable for emergency repairs and tows. If the emergency mechanic puts on the spare tire or handles it in any way, the level ground will prevent sinking if jacks are going to be used.

    If you have flares, they should be lit around the vehicle if it is night time, otherwise our pros at White Plains Tow Truck will take care of this for you. To stabilize the vehicle, the front and back tire should be blocked off with parking blocks. You should call 911 immediately in addition to calling for a tow if you feel like you are in danger for any reason.

    Call White Plains Tow Truck and we will take care of you, your flat tire, and your car. Before you know it – everything will be fine!