• Roadside Service

  • Who to Call for Roadside Service in White Plains

    When you need to hire a tow truck company because your car broke down in the middle of downtown, call a reputable tow truck company like White Plains Tow Truck. Affordable roadside service is something that can make a bad situation more manageable. Whether you just need a little emergency roadside service, or you need a skilled mechanic to check out your vehicle, it’s important you select an elite towing company that will treat you and your vehicle with respect.

    It’s a scenario that nobody wants to find themselves in. You’re driving down Main St, Broadway or Mamaroneck Ave and suddenly, black smoke starts coming out of the front of your engine. You pull your car over to the side of the road to find that there is oil all over the engine. Now, you’re stranded in the middle of traffic and you have no recourse. Some towing companies take advantage of people in these situations and often charge them a small fortune for roadside service because they know you have no choice but to pay up. However, White Plains Tow Truck is a local towing company. We won’t overcharge you and will do what we can to get you back on the road again. With city wide towing and roadside service options, we have the resources and value-added service to get you safely to a skilled mechanic, either in our shop or a mechanic of your choice.

    Even if you are a skilled mechanic in your own garage, you should not attempt to fix your car on the side of the road. Many people have been killed or seriously injured repairing a vehicle in this way. Get your vehicle home, hire a competent roadside service and towing company to get your car to your driveway and then work on your car to ensure safety is the primary concern. Roadside service doesn’t have to be an expensive situation, and often White Plain Tow Truck can send a tow truck very quickly.

    Roadside service companies don’t even have to tow your car if it’s not needed. Sometimes you just run out of gas or need a jump. Our skilled mechanics can help you with minor repairs and get you back on the road. Tows are not the only thing that our expert tow company can assist you with.

    The White Plains Tow Truck company is unique in that we have a fleet that is capable of handling any size job. We can tow anything from your motorcycle to your RV. We employ only the most responsible and reliable roadside service technicians to help you with your emergency roadside assistance needs. Technicians are helpful and courteous and we have a large enough fleet that we can usually deploy someone to your location immediately.

    Ultimately, we have your safety and the safety of your vehicle in mind at all times. We want you to get from your current location to your destination safely, and sometimes that means helping you get a cab and providing recommendations for skilled mechanics that can work on your car. If you’re in need of roadside service right now, stop reading and call White Plains Tow Truck immediately. Call us today. You will be pleased with that decision.