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  • Before You Call A Tow Truck in White Plains Try This

    Before you call a tow truck White Plains NY there are some things YOU can do on your own. There are few instances in life that rival the trauma of being roadside with a dead car and no idea how you’re going to get home.  Don’t let a momentary set-back ruin your day, you always have options.  Now, they may not have been on your list of things to do for that day…Take the kids to school, Go shopping, Get stranded in the middle of no-where needing a tow truck.

    …But before you call that tow truck there are a few simple things you should try.

    1.Turn The Steering Wheel Hard One Way.

    Let’s say you come out to start your Camry but for some reason the key won’t turn in the ignition.  You suspect that you don’t have the right key or that, maybe, there’s something wrong with the ignition.  In many instances we’ve encountered customers who have parked on a hill and their steering wheel is turned hard to one side or the other and they are unable turn it back.   And turning it back so that the key can move forward in the ignition is the “key” to solving the problem.

    How to do this:  You need to get up close and personal with the steering wheel.  Grab it with both hands using your arms like you’re giving it a hug. Find out which way the play goes (which way the steering wheel will move, just a bit).  Once you find out which way it will move you need to place one hand on the ignition key and, while giving the steering wheel a manly turn in the predetermined direction, switch the ignition key forward.  This should solve your problem and save you a towing bill.

    2. Check Your Battery.

    You’ve been driving your Chrysler Town and Country throughout the winter months with no problems.  It started up fine even on the coldest of mornings but now after a few days of 80+ degree temperatures you get ready to head to work and nothing.  Not even a ding, ding or a dome light, you have no idea what’s wrong with it. Well you could call a tow truck White Plains to take you to the nearest repair shop to solve the problem or you could check the date on your battery and have us bring one out with our tow truck and install it.  If your battery is 3 years old or older and was working fine over the winter months but falls on its face come the first warm days you’d better go ahead and replace it.  Cold can run a battery down but heat will kill it especially if it’s weak.

    3.  Bang On Your Gas Tank.

    Not everyone will want to try this one.  This is for those who don’t mind getting down on the ground and getting a little dirty.  Let’s say you’re driving your Ford and it starts cutting out on you and has died and will not restart.  You have power and the engine is turning over but not starting.   You have a full tank of gas but it’s acting like it’s starving for fuel.  There are more than couple of things you could look for in an instance like this. It could be a fuel filter, a fuel pump, a relay or a number of other issues but there is one thing you can try.

    This is the dirty part– Get down on the ground up under the rear of the car.  Of course make sure you’re not in traffic, the car is in park, and the parking brake is on before you do this.  Find the gas tank, it’s black or brown and strapped up under the trunk.  Get up under there and give it a few wacks with your hand, if you’ve got someone with you have them attempt to start the car while you’re doing this.  If your fuel pump is going out this last-ditch effort at resuscitation may give it the temporary boost it needs to get you someplace safe without needing a tow truck.

    4.Reset Your IFS Switch.

    You just came out of your office and are ready to head home in your Mercury when someone backs out in front of you.  You try to avoid them but you can’t and end up hitting them with your car.  No worries, you’ve just been involved in a minor accident and everybody is ok.  The only problem is your car died and won’t restart.  The airbags weren’t deployed and the only visible damage is a crunched bumper.

    I guess you’ve got to call a tow truck right?  Well there is one thing you could try first.  A lot of cars have what’s called an IFS (Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch).  It’s put in place so your car doesn’t blow up, CHiPs style, if you’re involved in an accident.  They’re located either in the trunk or in the kick panel up under the glove box.  In a Mercury it’s located on the passenger side in the trunk on the strut tower.  Just locate the button, a little round, red button the size of a dime or smaller and push it in.  As long as you’re car’s not in flames you should be back in business and able to drive.

    5.Crank It Back Up.

    This one has to do with a flat tire.  Sometimes you just don’t have the time to deal with changing a flat and that’s why we’re available with our tow truck on call.  But in case you want to change your own tire here’s a little tip. The spare tire for many trucks and vans is kept up under the bed, it’s held in place with a cable that’s wound inside a mechanism.  (Cautionary Note: Do not attempt to remove a tire from beneath a truck while the truck is on a Jack.  Get the spare down first then jack up the truck.)

    To release the tire you must use a specially designed tool for your truck. You’ll need to locate your tool which may be under a seat or under the hood and you might also need to use a key to gain access to the slot, on the bumper, where you place the tool.  In all cases you must use the tool to lower the tire to the ground, this is the only way to get the tire out from under the truck.  That is unless you happen to have cable cutters with you and you have enough clearance to get your cable cutters where you need them.The problem with having a mechanism under a truck that’s exposed to rain, snow, salt and dirt is that they can fail.  They get clogged up and rusty and even the best designs have problems.

    What this means is you could have problems getting the tire down.  After you’ve found your tool and the key to allow you access to the slot where you put the tool to crank down the tire, you may not be able to get the tire low enough to take it off its carrier.  The cable may be jammed up and only crank down 6 or 8 inches, not enough to do the trick. The solution: Not 100% successful but has worked many times.  If you’ve cranked the tire down and it won’t crank any further try cranking it all the way back up, until you can’t crank anymore, and then slowly crank it back down.  If that doesn’t work take a hammer to the carrier while it’s in the up position, that might loosen any dirt and rust particles. In some cases you will not be able to retrieve the spare and will need to be towed to a mechanic by our tow truck White Plains.

    There you go, 5 things you can try before you call a tow truck in White Plains NY.  Remember to always be safe and when you need to get out of a bad situation call a tow truck we’re glad to help.