• Towing Service

  • Who to Call for Affordable White Plains Towing Service

    These days, most of us are on a budget, and it is so frustrating to face a car breakdown, especially when it happens downtown on Broadway or alongside a busy highway. Fortunately, affordable city wide towing service is available from White Plains Tow Truck. Our towing services also offer roadside service for minor repairs, jump starts, and flat tire change. We also offer fuel delivery for that awful moment when you run out of gas.

    From your smartphone, ipad, or laptop, you can use our click to call convenience. You will never stay on hold or frustrated while you wait. No! Your call will route directly to our towing service provider ready to provide emergency assistance from our on-call tow trucks. If you are stranded now, please call (914) 269-4880. We will get you help immediately.

    White Plains Tow Truck offers these advantages:

    • Affordable towing services with no hidden fees
    • Fast service with effective results
    • Expert care in the hands of skilled technicians
    • Efficient towing with our well-equipped fleet
    • 24/7 Response To Your Roadside Request

    Prompt Response For Your Safety

    Whether you are stranded on Main Street or an out-of-the-way spot, safety is often your main concern. You need fast service. Day or night, our auto towing service will arrive promptly to initiate a tow, thus allowing you to leave a potentially dangerous situation. Furthermore, if you are in need of a jumpstart, tire change or minor repair, our tow service technicians can do the work safely and keep you out of danger.

    Skilled Technicians

    As an elite towing service, our technicians are professional and courteous. Each of our technicians is also a skilled tow truck driver. Our technicians can deal with your vehicle, regardless of size, make or model. Our technicians can handle minor repairs as effectively and efficiently as they will handle your towing needs. From hookup to delivery, your vehicle will be in safe hands.

    Best Equipment For The Toughest Job

    Our fleet is well-equipped for all types of personal vehicle towing. So our fleet can handle your pickups, SUVs and campers with equal ease. If your RV breaks down or your work van is overheating, White Plains Tow can help you out of a sticky situation. Our effective, up-to-date flatbed towing equipment will manage heavy loads and prevent damage during tows.

    After Hours Towing Service

    Breakdowns don’t happen on a schedule unfortunately. You may need towing service urgently late at night. You and your friends don’t need to then wait helplessly on Mamaroneck Ave in the wee hours. Not when our affordable towing services are so readily available. Our towing services are on call 24/7 to handle your needs. White Plains Tow Truck is your top-notch local towing company. Please contact us online immediately if you need a towing service in White Plains.